The ‘Name & Surname’ Translation

Recently I read a story about  four Bible scholars who were debating on which translation of the Bible is the most accurate. One said he preferred the King James Version because of its beautiful, eloquent old English. Another said he preferred the American Standard Bible for its literalism and accurate translation from the original text. A third man preferred the newer translations because of their practical application. The fourth scholar listened thoughtfully, and then added, “Personally, I prefer my mother’s translation.” When the other men laughed, he explained, “My mother translates every page of the Bible into her daily life, and it is the most convincing translation I have ever seen.”

This made me think, ‘What does the Salomé du Toit translation look like?’ Is my life an accurate and complete version of God’s message through His word?

We may be the only Bible people will ever read. They may never hear the Gospel message, or place their hands on the Scriptures. They may never be able to behold the words in the Book that are so alive.
But they will read you. And they will read me.

What do they see?


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