Random update

It’s been raining here. A. LOT.

Just seeing a bit of sunshine makes me skip and hop around. Then, when the sun does shine, it’s really shines. And until the rain falls down again, I dream of going to play underneath the raindrops as a shadow from the heat.

My little brothers are teething. These are not their baby teeth popping out, but their permanent teeth. The one is super afraid of receiving some aid for the removals, the other wishes they would come out sooner. But boy oh boy, just let the tooth mouse forget to complete the trade-in, then the whole story is revised with extra emphasis.

It’s exam time across South Africa. The matrics have begun with their finals and the rest of all school, college and university students are sweating it out as well. They needs lot of prayer as this is a time when Satan is let loose and students are faced with all sorts of temptations.

Today, I heard how many millions of dollars are being spent across the United States this year for Halloween. Sun 3 Nov is Reformation Sunday – a day where Christians celebrate the Truth worth standing up for. However, it is also the day in the year most important on the satanic calendar.
Many folks don’t realise what a satanic event Halloween is and the truth behind its dark and evil origins.

That’s unfortunately all I have time for today. Perhaps I might get some more time soon. But until then, keep well and stay rooted in our Heavenly Father.


One response to “Random update

  1. My family and church celebrated Reformation Day instead. 🙂
    Tooth mouse? Is that like the tooth fairy? :-B
    Surprisingly, it has not been raining here much. It’s been amazingly dry, cold, and clear with sunshine. My favorite weather ever. Between 20 and 55 degrees F with sun!
    We’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in Thursday, and my family is hosting for my mom’s side of the family to come, then Friday we’ll drive down to see my dad’s side of the family. Can’t wait!

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