Have you voted?

Wednesday was national election day here in South Africa. More than 20 parties took part in the election.

When I went to cast my vote, my ID document was scanned, stamped and I was given a bar-coded paper. My name was crossed out on the voters roll and I was allowed to vote.

This made me think of another election, one  much greater. In fact, the greatest ever available.

Every day we take part in the Heavenly election. Every day we have to choose, either Christ or Satan and worldly pursuits.
The reason why this Election is so great is because it is not just a once off event that takes place every 4 or 5 years.

Daily we have to choose. Hourly. And every minute.
Who did you vote for when you woke up this morning? And what was your vote like in the last hour and just a few seconds ago?

God takes note every time we vote for Him or the Enemy. When we vote for Satan and the world, we cross out our name on God’s voter’s roll, until we come back and repent of our wrong decision. Every time we vote for God, He crosses out our names on Satan’s voter’s roll.

What will your choice be going forward?
Who will you vote for?


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