The Great Outdoors

I recently traveled right up to the border of Lesotho with my whole family. My brother, his wife and kids were house-sitting for friends in Donnybrook, and we drove down for a day to visit.

The scenes I saw displayed before me whilst driving on the Sani Pass were extraordinary. Here’s a slight taste of the beauty I beheld that day.

20140713_155649_resized 20140713_155845_resized 20140713_160006_resized

Then a couple of days later, I traveled with some other young people to a very remote and rural area called Ntabankulu. Our church has recently started with development in the area in the form of spiritual outreaches and the building of a shop. Some people have to cross the Tugela River on foot to get to a shop to buy supplies.

One the way back, I got some shots snapped as best I could on a bumpy road. Herewith one…


God’s great outdoors will always be something to behold. He glorifies Himself through the splendour He has created.


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