I love the gawks I receive when I boldly and bravely proclaim, “I’m single, and I will be until I get married.” It sends a spiral of pride down my spine, and it tickles all the tinges of respect I’ve ever had for my Saviour.

He’s an amazing God. What more can I say?!

Our love lives is one of very few areas that we simply cannot lose control over. But have you ever given it some thought; lose it in such a way that it falls into God’s hands, and then suddenly, without any further labour or effort, it’s all been taken care of.

Did I just hear that correctly? Is it that simple? Gosh…

Great news! The answer is yes, yes and yes! If you listen carefully, you’ll hear a knock on your love life door, and if you open, you’ll find God standing there and asking if He can come in. If you can trust Him with your life’s salvation, what’s hindering you to trust Him with your love life?
I bet He’s wondering, “have I asked too much?”

I have made a commitment not to date until I get married.
Yup, you heard that right. You can read it again if you’d like.
I wish to date my husband one day and then it will be a lifelong date.

The beauty of saving your first kiss, the first time you hold hands, saving sex for marriage, is the ultimate craze for purity. We do not need to enter marriage feeling secondhand. You do not need to think of all the other guys or girls you have kissed before and wondering how the next one does it. We cannot date just to fill our loneliness, to see how far we can go and still practically be a virgin. No, the goal is rather to see how close we can get to God’s complete and absolute standard of purity.

His standard is high. So high, you need to climb. The good thing: it’s great exercise where we can sweat out all the unwanted beliefs, concepts and past hurt and sin in our lives.

Paul advises Timothy to flee from youthful lusts. Let us rather indulge ourselves in pure love, knowing that we will be rewarded in time to come.

If you have given away your first kiss, or even your virginity, God can make you whole and new again. He can clean your slate !

Use your single years to grow closer to Jesus. It’s about saying, ’All right, God, I’m putting aside these distractions that are keeping me from giving my heart to You 100 percent. In Your timing, bring the right person into my life’.

God is calling you to an exciting life. Will you answer?

‘How long will you wander, O unfaithful daughter?’ Jeremiah 31:22

Come to Christ, where your wandering will be no more, but your guidance by God will be everlasting.

Check back for more exciting info. More detail will be shared in my book, due early next year.


3 responses to “Dating

  1. Inspiring…
    It’s always such an encouragement to “meet” fellow young ladies who have found the freedom and joy of being complete in Christ until He leads otherwise. =)

  2. My precious sister!!! ^^ It’s always a pleasure and happiness to read you! =)
    And I agree totally with you! It’s a exciting time to wait the guy with who we will marry someday, and save our best for him! But, I say, it’s much more exciting to know the Big Prince of our lifes: Jesus Cristo, and surrender Him our everything – give Him our complete heart, mind, feelings, dreams, desires – and to discover that He his the best treasure we can have, and our BEST must be to Him before everything! So, when we discover it, our happiness will be found only in His perfect ways for all areas of our lifes! And it’s totally pretty and amazing!

    Love you, dear sister! ^^

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