The Pearls of Love

There’s a glimmer, a shine
A light that I see
Radiant white, pure and soft
Glowing from your life
A treasure of pearls
Protected and held
By the passion of love
In the hand of the Lord 

I looked into your eyes
And knowing what I felt
I searched for your secret of love
From the shine on your face
I saw you bidding me near
“I wish you were here!” 

There’s a feeling, a touch
That reached out to me
Gentle and kind, warming me
Tenderly I know
A new life of hope
With pearls in my hand
And a love in my heart
“I’m so glad to be here!” 

Salomé du Toit

I am a Young Girl

Softly and quietly
I open up my heart
To worship here on earth
A breeze in my face, I am young
With so much more to learn
But fully I pledge it all to Him
To tell Him that  

I am a young girl
And I’ll go with the Sun,
Let Love lead my way
To my everlasting Father
With a song in my heart
And the promise of Grace
I’ll go on with God 

A labourer I am
To gather His harvest
Calling all worshippers
In peace and in truth, I bow down
Reaching for heaven is
The longing and yearning inside me
To tell Him that

Salomé du Toit

Engulfed by Beauty

Searching the lands for
The treasure that’s hidden
From my blindfolded eyes
By mercy and love
My eyes felt the touch
And in the holiness
I saw the beauty 

Oh, engulf me
Oh Purity
And enfold me
With Beauty
Holy and pure may I be
Shine forth and
Let me glow with
The beauty of it all 

Deeper you take me
Embracing my life in
Your mysteries so pure
Gorgeously wrap me
In beauty divine
Let me glow with God’s love
Oh, awesome beauty

 Salomé du Toit

© Jemimah Music


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